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Religism: Our Bigotry Towards Each Other

Recently Pope Francis has been the center of criticism as well as some praise. Though the Vatican is still not interested in backing him up on his rather forward thinking, many (such as myself) praise him for not being afraid to stay what’s been heavy on probably many minds. In response to a question that was about whether or not God forgives non-believers he responded:

“Given that — and this is the key point — God’s mercy has no limits, if you go to him with a sincere and repentant heart, the issue for those who do not believe in God is to obey their conscience. Sin, even for those who have no faith, is when one goes against their conscience. To listen and to obey to (one’s conscience) means to decide oneself in relation to what’s perceived as good and evil. And this decision is fundamental to determining the good or evil of our actions.”

I was really interested by this as I know that the Catholic Church is a bit… traditional. I am a born and raised Catholic, but given my experience and own spiritual searching over the past few years, I found it hard to believe that God would condemn the so called “good”, even if they did not share the same beliefs as I do.

Just think about this:

A) A Christian man goes to church every Sunday. He firmly believes in God, and his belief that being able to come to God and repent after committing a sin drives him to take advantage of his religion. He then goes around and commits terrible acts. But after each sin he repents and because he believes in God and repented every time he dies and goes to heaven.

B) An Atheist woman had a hard time believing in one God or higher power and decided to be an atheist. But she did believe in good and bad and with this knowledge she was able to open an orphanage where she tended to children, provided them with shelter, clothing, and food and made once unloved children feel comfortable and loved in a home of their own. She donated all her money to other charities in her will and throughout her life she was kind and gentle in her ways with the world. Her impact may not have changed the world, but she made a difference. But because the Bible says that since she is not a believers he does not go to heaven. She dies and spends eternity in hell.

Does that seem fair? To me it didn’t. Not at all

Now I started thinking about other religions who share common believes with Christianity. If we all think that the other is going to hell because we don’t share the same believes then does that mean all of humanity is damed?

After experiencing first had trying to be “saved” I realized that I didn’t have enough space in my heart to damn and be intolerant to those who are different. I learned that God, my God, is just like every one else’s God. We just have different ways of perceiving him. 

For example:

Let’s say I asked 10 people to draw a house. I then go on to describe the house as beautiful, homely, perfect, and lovable. Some houses would be big and some small. Maybe all of them would be different colors. One or two might have drawn flowers while others put decorations on the house. There would be some similarities, like the fact that every person was drawing a house, but in the end, each person had a unique home that only their mind could foster. This is because we are all different and therefore perceive things differently

So… yes, I believe in Jesus. Yes, I believe in God. But I also believe in Karma and to an extent I believe in reincarnation. I feel that I’ve almost created a little religion all my own that allows me to be free and flexible without feeling like I have to change other people or make them see what I see.  

The only thing I really care about portraying to the world is that fighting over what religion is the “right” one is pointless because as long as we have the uniqueness of ourselves then we will always have different opinions. The best thing we can do is to accept people for who they are and leave the judgment up to whatever your “higher power” is.

And now…

A Girl’s Message to All Christians: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YXINEYdnkY

(Will post video separately as well)

The Experience Competition

Experience seems to be something that we all use to connect to each other. But somehow these experiences have become a competition amongst peers. I never could understand how come we use our experiences to rate our quality of life. For example: Lucy was born into a family that most people would consider wealthy. She went to private schools all her life, has a beautiful big house, and has a room with a bathroom all to herself. Amy was born to a family with very little means. She lives in a cozy little house and has to share one of the two bedrooms with her three siblings. Without even knowing what they individually went through I believe most of us would feel a bit sorry for Amy. But what if I told you that Amy has a great relationship with her family and they support her 100% of the way. And because of that support she is able to get scholarships and go to college to become one of the top designers. Does that change your perspective? Lucy, on the other hand, has a family that doesn’t get along. She is home alone most of the time and because of the tension between her family members, she spends most of her time alone in her room or out of the house with friends. Does this change your perspective of her? 

I learned this year, that you can’t really judge a person by what you see and you can’t say that your life is worse or better than anyone else’s, because in your own right, your experiences are just as valuable as someone else’s. Just because Kevin’s girlfriend broke up with him, just because Alex’s dad died, just because Emily’s BFF backstabbed her doesn’t mean that your emotions are any less raw  or any less significant than theirs. 

You may be feeling the pain of a breakup years after it happened: who cares if anyone thinks you should “get over it”. It’s your life and your feelings and your experiences. 

The only thing that should matter is how you let those experiences shape you. And this is a choice we all have. Do we go down the path of endless anger and despair or do we choose the path of growth and understanding?

They are there.

Now choose. 

Left With The Bag

Sacrifice: to surrender or give up, or permit injury or disadvantage to, for the sake of something else.

When I think of sacrifice I think of giving up one thing for another. For example I sacrificed a bag of Hot Cheetos today for an ice cold Coke slushy. In this case I was still satisfied because I got my weekly dose of junk food, but sacrificing isn’t always so sweet. Sometimes we make sacrifices for others, and when we don’t get a ‘thank you’, or any kind of acknowledgement really, we feel taken advantage of. Well here’s what we need to remember: The only way to feel happy after sacrificing for other people is to do it selflessly. That means without expecting a ‘thank you’, without expecting acknowledgment and most importantly, without expecting our sacrifice to be appreciated. Otherwise you will feel like you were the one left with the bag.


How often do u feel a sudden twinge of sadness? Does it normally happen at a certain time of the day, or is it a repercussion of a memory? Well it happens to me sometimes but usually because I notice the sun setting and I realize that I’ve wasted another day being me…

After A Little Time Goes By…

…everything changes. I am not really sure what it is, but it took me the stark experience of actually letting time to fly to really understand just how it can build and damage things, especially relationships. When I first learned that lesson it was quite devastating for me. I was probably around eleven when the consequences of time quite literally hit me in the face. 

There was this guy, a friend who I was so close with. We were, and still are to a degree, mirrored personalities. We liked the same things, we always played together in school and after school, and over a few years we really formed a tight bond in elementary school. Sadly though, he had to move away and thus changed schools, so seeing him became rare. For me, at least in my mind, our relationship hadn’t changed. We were still BFF’s and would always be. 

Then when I saw him and I felt that same emotions of “yay my bestest friend is here to celebrate my birthday!” I was greeted with an enormous smack in the face. Obviously not literally, but it sure felt that way. 

We had gone to Disneyland for my birthday and all my closest friends were there. The slap in the face came when there was this awkwardness that made conversations between us, which use to be so easy, difficult. Though that was hard for me, I was mostly devastated that he didn’t want to do all the same things I wanted to do even if I did everything he wanted to do. 

Wow! That sounds childish, but seriously, that’s what is was like. 

I was super bummed and I prayed and hoped (and sometimes still do) that we were still super tight if only to give me a shoulder to cry on or a person my age to talk to. 

Similar things have happened with most if not all the friends who attended that disastrous birthday party, but hey, all I can say is…

Time certainly changes who we are by allowing us the opportunity to grow even if we may not particularly enjoy the consequences.

I learned from that and countless other experiences, so maybe next time I’ll put a stronger effort into keeping in touch so I’m not greeted with that same… smack-in-the-face awkwardness 

[Obama’s] words will be little consolation for 8-year-old Nabila, who, on Oct. 24, had just returned from school and was playing in a field outside her house with her siblings and cousins while her grandmother picked flowers. At 2:30 p.m., a Hellfire missile came out of the sky and struck right in front of Nabila. Her grandmother was badly burned and succumbed to her injuries; Nabila survived with severe burns and shrapnel wounds in her shoulder. Nabila doesn’t know who Mr. Obama is, or where the Hellfire missile that killed her grandmother came from.

President Obama: Stop Drone Attacks

What I wrote on my Facebook and hope you all join in on:

As I freeze in my ice cold kitchen, sign my petition to stop drone attacks! If you have an issue that you think needs changing go to change.com make an account (you can even log in with Facebook) and start on your path to making a change. I am doing this as an alternative to writing a letter for my Sociology class and I think this is a great way to get your voice out there and be heard. Thanks! feeling cold.

Here is the link if you would like to sign the petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/president-obama-stop-drone-attacks-2

People are mean, that’s why I like to stay behind my computer screen.

I was crazy cracking up!


Summary - When You Wish Upon A Star 
If you’ve ever wondered why 
Disney’s tales all end in lies 
Here’s what happened after all their dreams came true 

Ariel - Under the Sea 
I loved being princess down in – this beautiful ocean blue 
But mermaids are going missing – they end up in someone’s stew 
So just try to put yourself in – to somebody else’s gills 
You’re killing my ecosystem – with fishing and oil spills 
Thank you BP, thank you BP 
The British are killing, oil is spilling 
Now I can’t see… MY EYES! 
Chinamen feast on Flounder’s fins 
Plus the Japanese killed all my whale friends 
Oceans are browning, I think I’m drowning 
Thanks to BP 

Jasmine - Prince Ali 
Hey, I’m ok, but I’m slightly scared 
My husband’s a mark for the War on Terror 
My ‘Laddin was taken by the CIA 
We’re not Taliban 
You’ve got the wrong man 
In Guantanamo Bay 
Prince Ali, where could he be, drowning in wawa 
Interrogation, from the nation, of the “free” 
Bin Laden’s taken the fall 
We’re not trained pilots at all 
Jafar went crazy and no one put up a fuss 
We’re for freedom, Genie can vouch for us 
Bush was crazy, Obama’s lazy, Al-Qaeda’s not in this country 
Set free my Prince Ali 

Belle - Belle 
A whore! A whore! 
A whore, a whore, a whore! 
This town’s gone wild since I married Adam 
They think I’m going straight to hell 
But the charges laid on me 
Of bestiality 
Could wind up getting me thrown in a cell 
No, I’m overrun by mad men 
I hear they plan to burn me at the stake 
They legit believe I’m Satan 
And now I hear that PETA wants to take my beast away 

Pocahontas - Colors of the Wind 
After John Smith traveled back to England 
I helped my people cultivate the fields 
More English, French, and Spaniards came to visit 
And they greeted us with guns and germs and steel 
They forced us into unknown lands of exile 
They pillaged, raped, and left us all for dead 
So now I’m far more liberal with a weapon 
When I separate their bodies from their heads 
Have you ever held the entrails of an English guy? 
Or bit the beating hearts of Spanish men? 
Can you shoot an arrow in some French guy’s eyeball? 
Can you paint with the red colors in these men 
I can murder if I please 
Cause I’m dying of disease 
I can paint with the red colors in these men 

Thanks to BP 
Where’s Prince Ali? 
I’ve got STDs